Todd Polich

Todd Polich

Growing up on the beautiful West Coast of Canada I grew up feeling so privileged to be surrounded by the amazing and incredibly diverse landscapes that make Vancouver so unique and abundant. I grew up feeling the power of nature in the oceans, forests, streams and rivers that surround and weave through a city so rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. I have witnessed the impact of urban growth on this paradise, but have also witnessed and been so inspired the power of people in uniting together to protect it.

In 2008 I left the security of my job as an art lead in the largest video games company in the world to follow a childhood dream of using my talents in making the world a better place. Combining my love of art and nature I began painting murals of wildlife to raise awareness for conservation of endangered species and threatened habitat.
Through years of working in community art, I have realized that the potential of art that goes far beyond visual images. I have learned to use art as the foundation of engagement that connects people to their communities and to the natural environment. Through all of my community projects I now host community workshops, and school based programs teaching about the importance of harmonious balance between community and nature and the inter-connectivity of the two.

The objective of my project is to inspire young people to discover their unique skills and talents and to empower them to use these to make change in the world starting in their own communities.

I am currently studying at Royal Roads University in the Masters of Arts program in a specialized course structure of environmental studies, sustainability, and community engagement.

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